Raised Maps are physical maps where the earth can be represented in three dimensions. While the third dimension is shown on maps, heights are usually exaggerated by 1 or 20 times depending on the horizontal scale.

KabArt Harita ve Mühendislik Ltd.Şti., was founded in 2012, by a few innovative engineers in order to develop new techniques and technologies onto 3D Mapping science.

After the first year of establishment,and the manufaturing of many Products, Software, Hardware, and Production Methods it had become a well-known company worldwide.

Being a trusted company in the sector took after years of experience and evolution, by aid of reliable partnership with the government institutes.

Adopting the philosophy of continuous development as a principle, realized many new techniques, technologies, and inventions in the field of cartography and designed artistic products.

Reforming as a Raised Map Production Center, in the field of 3D Mapping area, the KabART brand was born with many different map products and techniques manufactured over time.

Technology and art combined over the Kabart brand, she will continue to take firm steps towards becoming a world-class brand in its field with its customer-oriented and constantly improving understanding.

Raised Maps are reported by the Chinese Han Dynasty historian Sima Qian, BC. It has been used since the period of the Qin Dynasty of 221-206, especially by dynasties, emperors, and kings in order to gain superiority over the enemy in war.

It is a known fact that in the history of warfare for thousands of years, the most important condition for all commanders who defend their countries or occupy other regions to gain advantage against the enemy is to have the most accurate map of the battle zone.

The chief advisors or staff of all successful commanders in history have been cartographers and have changed the whole course of wars thanks to the maps they have created.

Over the last 3 centuries, it has been increasingly understood that developing warfare techniques and technologies to dominate the battlefield means dominating topography, geography, and meteorology.

Especially, due to the increasing conflict environment in the world in recent years, armies have understood the importance of decision support systems as well as modernization studies and added to their doctrines the increasing use of map, topography, geography, geographical information systems, and meteorological information.

Although developing technologies have transformed advanced devices into warfare tools that can be used in a war environment, in the case of Electronic Warfare, which is another dimension of the war, if these devices fail and become inoperable, it is an accepted concept that the risk of losing the battle for armies having manual systems will decrease considerably.

For this reason, interest in the Plastic Raised Map Production System, which is accepted as an advanced and strategic product by the Armed Forces and civilian map producing organizations of many countries, has increased in recent years.

At this stage, as KabArt, we are proud to have developed the first integrated system in the world that can meet this need.

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